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Welcome to the Green Eyed Lady! We are a women's boutique and vintage jewelry store located in West Chester Pennsylvania. In business since 2004, we carry everything from vintage accessories & collectables to new & trendy clothing.


Shopping at Green Eyed Lady is like finding a gem. Because we're a women's boutique, we only carry limited quantities of specially handpicked items so you don't have to worry about bumping into someone at a party with the same dress, necklace or bracelet as you. The best part is that our prices make everything easy to say yes to, so you know you'll always find something absolutely ah-mazing!


We have a beautiful showroom in the heart of West Chester and Kennett Square, so if you're ever visiting here, we invite you to come see and try out our incredible products or simply join us for a chat. We would be more than happy to share our passion for beautiful jewelry and apparel with you.


If you see anything on our site that you would like to purchase, please give us a call at 610-431-2474, 610-444-0700 or email: and we will send you an invoice for payment and shipping.

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